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In the days before computers, there were various independent business arrangements that promised big money to stay-at-home workers. Mostly these businesses involved either complicated pyramid schemes, high pressure direct sales (often with expensive kits or merchandise purchases required up front), or monotonous piece work like envelope stuffing or kit assemblies. The target audience was usually retired people on a fixed income, or stay-at-home moms looking to supplement the weekly grocery money with a few extra dollars. Times have changed both the work and the worker.


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Working from home has become an increasingly popular option since the advent of the home computer and internet access. Many educated professionals are beginning to take advantage of the personal freedoms that come with working from home. Fuel prices, the cost of daycare, and an increasingly global focus have led many former full-time workers to seek alternative employment at home. The major difficulty with this endeavor is that, just as in the past, so many of the work-at-home opportunities are a scam. But instead of being stuck with a pile of useless inventory, today’s scam victim stands to lose much more – including their very identity.

Uvocorp.com Review

Careful research is required to find a job that will meet three basic requirements:

1) be with an established company, 2) require minimal, if any, initial investment, and 3) provide a sufficient amount of work/pay to be worthwhile. Uvocorp.com is an online freelance writer’s site that meets all three of these requirements. First of all, they are an established company that has years of reputable service behind them. Also, they do not require writers to spend any money up front. When a writer makes application to uvocorp.com, the only initial investment is your time. And, finally, the per/page payment is adequate to cover the time that a good writer will invest in turning out a quality product. As a satisfied writer for this company, I would like to tell you a little about my experiences with them.

I have been a classroom teacher for years, and when I became the unexpected victim of budget cutbacks, my advanced degree has made starting over in a new school system almost impossible. Education, along with many other businesses, is in a cost cutting cycle and less training and experience translates to lower wages. I’m just too expensive for the system in its current state! After trying several other avenues, I finally decided to get serious about finding a work-at-home job. My search turned up plenty of jobs, but none that met my above criteria, until I came upon uvocorp.com.


What impressed me first was the ease of application. I was able to fill out the application on line and it didn’t take long. I also liked that there wasn’t the need to enter a lot of personal information like banking accounts or I.D. numbers until well into the hiring process. As a tentative first-timer, I was extremely wary of any site that wanted a lot of personal identity information up front. I would like to say my first try at submitting a writing sample was successful and I have been writing happily ever after, but that wasn’t the case. At first my sample was rejected! I almost quit then and there, but fortunately, I mustered my courage and emailed the company to see if they could provide me with some feedback on what had gone wrong.

This was the first time I was exposed to the excellent support that I have grown to appreciate from uvocorp.com. I had exceeded the length requirement for the submission; I was impressed at their tight standards! I have been fooled before by publishing sites that accept anything that is submitted and then turn around and offer to sell you a very expensive book with your work published in it. I have come to regard overly easy acceptance with an extreme amount of suspicion. It was good to know that uvocorp.com wasn’t going to accept just anything – there are clear standards. I fixed the problem, and was employed with my first assignment within a short time.

At first glance, the uvocorp.com writer’s page seems complex and I know I felt like a pest my first couple of weeks working for them. Again, their support department was very helpful answering all my questions, usually by referring me to someplace on the page where my question had already been answered. It didn’t take long to learn that reading the information that is already posted is the best way to get comfortable with using the site. I have been working for Uvocorp for almost three months now, and I am beginning to feel comfortable finding my way around their site. I would like to offer a tour and some words of encouragement to those who are either considering working for this company or have just been hired.

First of all, don’t expect to become an expert in a day or two. Unless you are an experienced work-at-home freelancer, this is going to be a whole new experience with a rather steep learning curve. Likewise, don’t be intimidated by all the information that will come at you seemingly all at once. I have gotten into the habit of investigating one small area of the site at least once a week. I usually learn something new, and then I give myself time to allow this to become part of my routine. Then I add something else.

The best place to start is with the site’s FAQ section. If you have a question, chances are others have already had the same question. Pay particular attention to payment methods and writing concerns. It may not seem relevant at first, but I can almost guarantee that you will have those concerns very soon. Also, take the time to read the older news posts. These may be old news to others, but as a new hire, it’s all new to you! There have been a couple of times I wished I had paid closer attention to those postings to begin with.

Within your first few days, it would also be in your best interest to read over the Rules and Regulations as well as taking a look at what’s offered in the Writing Guide. I also bookmarked Purdue Owl early on – it is invaluable to getting citations and reference sections correctly formatted. I also found a lot of interesting information in the Forum.

The menu on the side of the home page is the most important part of the page. It is where you are going to find your jobs. Obviously, the menu item you will most frequently select will be the Available Orders. There are a few things you will find here that may not be obvious at first. First of all, there are two types of jobs listed – orders and inquiries. Orders are jobs that are available for the taking (more on that in a bit), and inquiries are orders that are being investigated by the customer to see if a writer is willing to take on that particular project. Both can lead to work, but it won’t be instant.

A beginning writer may find the bidding process confusing at first. It seems like you just push the Accept button and the order should be yours, but that isn’t always the case. You have in most cases placed a bid on that order, and it is now up to the Support Department to decide who gets it. This will be based on several factors including your Rating % in that area, the amount of work you already have, and your fields of expertise listed in your profile. You won’t be awarded every job you bid on, but as a new writer, I haven’t ever been without work, especially in the ‘hot season’. As you gain experience, you will be able to take advantage of the Auto Assign feature that allows you to take a job instantly.

Some of the features of the Available Orders section that I use a lot are the Type of Service drop down menu, and the Files and Messages tabs in the individual jobs that give me the ability to thoroughly investigate a job before I place a bid. As a former English teacher, I have a particular fondness for Rewriting, Editing, and Proofreading jobs – I have been doing that for years. The Type of Service button allows me to single out those types of jobs, even if they are in areas that I might not have originally considered. I also like to be able to view files and messages on prospective jobs when deciding which papers I could do the best job on. However, I have learned that some jobs disappear quite quickly. More than once I have lost out on a bidding opportunity because I lingered too long making up my mind to try for it. I have become much quicker coming to a decision when a paper looks good to me!

Also, don’t think that you will never have to look in the Dispute or Revision tabs. It happens! Just don’t be discouraged, most of the time the customer requests things that do make the paper a much more solid work. Pay particular attention to the exact requirements of the job! If a paper’s instructions call for 1100 words and 6 sources that is what has been paid for and is what the customer expects. Don’t be surprised if the paper is set to revision status if the word count is lower or the sources aren’t adequate. Also, using scholarly or peer reviewed articles is always best, followed by other reputable sources. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source, but it can be a good starting place to find better reference articles.

Uvocorp - work at home

The rest of the tabs contain personal information about your account. I like being able to keep track of my earnings, completed projects, and profile information. Best of all is payday! Be sure to read all the fine print concerning the different payment methods and restrictions. I learned the hard way PayPal charges for handling your money! I haven’t been disappointed with Uvocorp as a business venture. On the whole I have found them fair, helpful, and profitable. I look forward to a long career as a work-at-home, freelance writer.

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